Wordless Wednesday


9 pensamientos en “Wordless Wednesday

    • Thank you very much Michael for your comment! I took this photograph in a small fishing port on the Atlantic coast, a little before the sunset … Saludos, Silvia 🙂

    • Thank you so much Meho!! It was a cloudy afternoon, a little before sunset and, suddenly, the sun came out and gave me that image, those colors… Saludos!!! Silvia 🙂

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  2. Wonderful photo!
    It is said that any picture tells a story; here, the (my) story of this picture:
    This is a story about a heroic boat which has navigated troubled waters, saving storm after storm, for so long.
    Now, in this final voyage, our hero is so rusty old and weak, due to the blows that waves have delivered to him, that it looks like not having the strength to overcome the last obstacle (represented by the reed beds in front) that keeps him out of the refuge for retired ships (represented by that clear blue sky, beyond the trees in the horizon) where gloriously spend the rest of its days.
    But, our friend is not alone! God, as in reward for all what he has fought in life, sends an army to help him defeat that evil.
    So, a troop of waves push all together the wounded craft trying to lighten its step throughout the way. In the back, two units of Flamingos, as lighthouses strategically placed, one on the left and the other on the right of the indicated path, guide the its arduous navigation.
    Insecure, but hopeful and encouraged by the cheers of those two angels in the shape of gees, flying free, up in the sky, our old fellow heads towards his rightful destiny.

    The end

    I’m so sorry Silvia but, as soon as I saw the image It inspired me that kind of feeling. Then, searching the image in detail, I realized that all the elementes for the story were right there. It was inevitable! What do you think?!

    • Muchísimas gracias Jaime! Las fotografías son disparadoras de sensaciones, nos cuentan historias y creo que tu historia es maravillosa!!! No tengo palabras para agradecer semejante gesto, además de haberte tomado el tiempo de escribirla… Yo no hubiera podido escribir algo así, tan bonito, realmente me conmueve… Gracias otra vez Jaime!!!!!

      • Para mi ha sido un placer. No es mi costumbre pero, de verdad, esta foto me gustó muchísimo y, apenas que la vi, me produjo esa fuerte sensación de ver a alguien luchando, desesperadamente, con sus últimas fuerzas. Fue inevitable, la historia me vino inmediatamente y (aunque me costó un poso hacerlo en Inglés) solo la escribí. Luego me pareció un atrevimiento pero me contenta que te guste. Gracias a ti por esas fotos tan especiales!!!


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